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It’s not always easy for a 22-year-old to get insurance for a modified motorcycle.

But James Pheby was on a to a winner when he scooped a year’s free insurance from Bikesure in a competition with Visordown, which has saved him a cool £1000.

His Aprilia RSV1000R has a bored out engine to 1060cc, plus a non standard air filter, dynojet kit and custom lights, but that’s no problem for a broker which specialises in finding cover for modified bikes.

These pictures were taken at Cadwell Park earlier this year, and James says he usually uses his road standard Honda CBF Hornet on today’s busy and not-always-perfect roads.

Both bikes are covered on the same Bikesure policy, with all modifications covered on a like-for-like basis. The policy is also discounted because James, a hydraulics engineer from Thame, Oxfordshire, is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

James carried out all the modifications himself, with the exception of the bored out engine and Dyno tuning, over a two-month period, but this does not add to the premium – if it’s got an MOT then all the modifications are covered.

The other modifications were undertaken by Gavin and Shaun at MSG Racing, based in Aylesbury.

“It’s a lot of hassle getting quotes for modified bikes, but I’ve had no problems with Bikesure,” said James.

Robert Balls, of Bikesure, said “We love modified bikes. We can’t get enough of them. We’re particularly keen if it’s a bike that the rider has owned for a while and done the work over a period of time.

“It shows they are an enthusiast, passionate about their machine and someone who’s put their own blood, sweat, tears and creativity into it.”

The thinking goes that this type of owner is extremely likely to take good care of their machine.

“The sort of person who does that has an emotional attachment to that bike and, as such, in our eyes, it can make them a better risk than someone who’s just gone and bought the latest sports bike off the shelf,” says Rob. “It’s quite possible that we can get them a better deal than they would get on a standard bike.”

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