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All the motorsport fans out there will already have been following the TT build-up on the TV, waiting with bated breath for the start of qualification and racing at the legendary Isle of Man TT races, which kick off in earnest today.

This year, Bikesure were offered the chance to sponsor the TV coverage of the TT, and we’ve jumped at the chance, helping to ensure that this year’s coverage on ITV4 remains as comprehensive and beautiful as ever.

TT highlights are on ITV4 and ITV4HD (Channel 120 on Sky) every night at 9pm (and 10pm on +1) from Friday 3rd June to Saturday 11 June, simulcast at itv.com and with catch up via ITV Player. Repeats will be around lunchtime of the following day, so there is no excuse for missing out on one of the highlights of the motorsport calendar.

To commemorate the occasion, Bikesure have published a special edition of influx magazine, celebrating the past, present and future of the Tourist Trophy at bikesure.co.uk/tt

If you haven’t seen our sponsorship bumpers yet, you can view one below, but watch tonight at 9pm, because it looks awesome in HD, and there’s the small matter of the most exciting bike races in the world.
Bikesure 10 second IOMTT

  • Gearupmag

    I love the TT may it run forever!!

  • Pyro_wolf666

    Hello Bikesure, I was wondering if you could clear something up for me regarding your advertisement during the commercial breaks during the TT coverage? I think I gave the correct answers to most of the questions but was completely stumped at the “Bike – Wife” question. I asked a number of my female friends when we were out for a ride (on our own sportsbikes and not as pillions) to Whitby last week and they were unsure to the correct answer since none of us actually have wives and could therefore not make the judgement call. Could you please tell me, was this a trick question to point out that the correct answer for every comparison should be “Bike”..? Or are you simply trying to be clever and actually falling on your faces..?

  • Well, I’m probably not the best qualified person to answer your question,
    but I believe it was an attempt at humour, the implication being,
    presumably, that men might be shallow enough to seriously consider choosing
    the machine that gives them access to what is, almost certainly, the most
    thrilling legal activity in the world over their wives.

    That is, of course, untrue.
    Probably 🙂

    If you want the serious answer, I’ll add that no offence was intended, the
    video is intended to be a light-hearted piece poking fun at biker
    stereotypes, and given that the sponsorship slots are only five seconds
    long, there wasn’t much opportunity for a more nuanced treatment.
    I should also point out that Bikesure really like female bikers (not least
    because they make fewer, cheaper claims) and to that end work with various
    clubs, groups and businesses aimed at women bikers.

    Hope you had a nice time in Whitby – I love the fish and chips there.