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Essex County Council have launched a funky new viral game aimed at helping draw motorists attention to the many and various hazards that exist out on the road.

The new Drive Essex site gives drivers a chance to test their powers of perception and score big points for avoiding the various obstacles, dangers and situations that present themselves. It is well worth playing the game, as it may surprise you how easy it is to miss a potentially lethal hazard.

One factor that players consistently miss, according to the developers, is the presence of a motorcycle in their rear view mirror. With that in mind, it may well be worth forwarding to friends – perhaps missing a biker in this simulation will be a wake-up call for some drivers and help them spot their fellow road users more easily.

And for those of us who are bikers, it should serve as a reminder that high-visibility clothing, daylight running lights, and anything that helps motorists spot you is worth any ensuing embarrassment.