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Wintertime is notoriously bad for bikers. Not only are the roads slippery and the days short and dark, but it is cold out there as well. There are loads of excellent weatherproof leathers on the market, but when the temperature dips to around zero and you add in the wind chill factor, it can be pretty cold on a bike.

Bikesure, the specialist motorcycling arm of Adrian Flux Insurance Services, has decided to take a peek beneath motorbikers’ leathers and find out the best options around for keeping warm.


These stop the draughts creeping up under your helmet but you have to be careful about the fogging up factor on cold mornings. Take a good look around on sites such as Get Geared to find what suits you.

Tops, leggings and all-in-one suits.

Made from thermal fabric these not only provide warmth but they also stop leathers chafing and make putting on a one-piece leather suit easier. Choose a variety that is easy to wash if you want to keep your friends. SMS Motorcycle Clothing has a good choice.

Neck tubes and neck and body warmers.

Neck tubes range from a simple snood style to an extra long version that covers the shoulders and prevents the wind getting through the top of your jacket. Some models are attached to full body warmers for extra heat retention. There are even different coloured neck tubes at Sea Star Superbikes.

Heated vests and arm warmers.

These are the ultimate way to keep warm. They have an electronic connection that plugs into a 12Volt supply to heat up the garment. Some versions just have heated arms that attach to a body vest while others heat the trunk area as well. Top Gear Superstore has SungBug heated motorcycle clothing.

Heated socks.

Heating elements ensure the heat is from the top of the sock right down to the toes to keep a rider’s feet toasty warm. There are some plug-in heated socks at Gerbing’s.

Want to know how to ride a motorcycle on ice and snow?

Check out Mad Stu’s video below with his tips:

And finally, our other great tip to combat the snow and cold is simply to avoid it completely. Why not check out the Twitter powered Snow Map from Ben Marsh. Twitter users post updates using a scale 1 to 10 (with 10 being blizzard), adding the hashtag #uksnow and then adding the first part of their postcode. This information is then used to display it on a real time snow map. Clever stuff.

Stay safe out there! Be sure to share your winter motorcycling tips in the comments below…

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