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We’ve already looked at iPhone apps for bikers, as well as Android applications for motorcyclists. But that doesn’t cover the whole smartphone market, so we decided to take a look at the Blackberry Appworld, to see what the best apps with a biking connection might be. I’m told that Blackberries, well beloved of serious businessmen for many a year, are now becoming really popular with kids too, who like the instant messaging app. So whether you’re a sixteen year old with a moped or if you’re enjoying weekends away from the office on your Harley, these apps should hit the spot.


Blackstar is a GPS based app that is really designed for hikers and mountain bikers, but the range of features on this little app means that it will come in really useful for motorcyclists too.

With the usual details on your current latitude, longitude, direction speed and altitude, as well as distance to your destination, the app also keeps track of geocache locations in your vicinity (if you’re into that). There are links through to your mapping apps and the latest weather, which keeps everything you might need handy.

For me, though, the killer feature is what the makers call Track Management functionality. With this, you can record, save, and export your rides, perfect for recording and sharing a rideout with mates, organising a trip or just to check where you’ve been.

N.B. Not all Blackberries have GPS, and some of those that do won’t let apps access it, so if you don’t have one of those, this app will not work as intended.


Don’t be put off by the name! Sometimes it can be hard to remember where you’ve parked your bike too, whether you’re at a crowded meet, or if you just need to find your way back to your parking spot in an unfamiliar city.

This free app does just what it says in an intuitive way, and you have the option of using a compass/radar type arrangement, or Blackberry Maps overlay to help you accomplish your mission.

Again this app relies on your phone having built in GPS, so check that it does.


Yelp is an app that helps you find the best places to hang out, and track down local businesses with ease, wherever you might be. This app is also available for Android and iPhone, which means that the userbase is pretty big, and therefore more useful, given that it is user powered.

Find a cafe nearby that’s open right now and has favourable reviews? Easy. Find the nearest petrol station when you’re running low? No problem. And, of course you can write a review of the biker-friendly pub you visited last week, to help others find it too.

Another free app, and another that requires GPS.


Everyone is trying to save fuel these days, and this app, which sells for $3.99 will help you to keep track of how often you’re filling up, as well as how economically you are riding. You can track up to 20 vehicles at once, so if you have more than one bike, you can compare your fuel efficiency across all of them, as well as your car.

Drive Carefully

Another app that comes at my favourite price – free. This app will save you from being unnecessarily distracted while you are riding, without missing any important messages.

As your text messages and emails come in, Drive Carefully will read them out loud, over your Bluetooth helmet set.

Pro Bike Racing

Gaming fans are quite well catered for on Blackberry, and there are a few bike racing games available. This one scores for its variety of options, you can choose from bikes including Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, & Kawasaki models and race around a variety of circuits.

Help, I Crashed My Car

The final app I want to share is not currently available for the UK, but it should be, and Canadian or American users should download this app right away. Typically, the app is aimed at car users with barely a thought to the fact that the same functionality is useful to any road user.

This app does so much that the best I can do is reproduce the blurb, but the short version is that this app will make sure that, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a minor accident, you can take care of everything with a minimum of fuss.

While we hope you are not one of the millions that experience an accident Help I Crashed My Car? provides you and your family with access to almost everything you need if you are ever involved in an accident!

Help I Crashed My Car?s provides you and your family with a one-click automated emergency communication system that contacts up to 3 family members, your insurance company, and your preferred body shop. It will even send your shop a map of your accident location so they can respond immediately!

Because of its GPS location technology Help I Crashed My Car? makes it easy for you to locate and contact the closest Police department, Ambulance service, Hospital, Towing Company, Rental Car Company, or auto body shop.

Help I Crashed My Car? also provides you with important information on What to Do if You are Involved in an Accident, What to Look for in a Repairer, and what your Consumer Rights are after you have been in an accident.

Help I Crashed My Car? even provides you with the ability to complete an Accident Report and take, store, and send photos from the scene of the accident. You can then send the accident report to your insurance company and garage!

Best of all, it’s free. Someone, please do a UK one!

Summing up, it’s clear that although Blackberry may not have the range of apps available to Apple or Android users, but there is certainly a lot of quality where it counts, so there’s no need for Blackberry users to feel hard done by.

If you have a Blackberry, and think we’ve missed a great application, please do let us, and our readers, know via the comments.

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