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Thinking of hitting the open road and going on a motorcycle holiday? Whether you’re planning to travel abroad or stay in the UK, Bikesure offers five top tips to help your motorcycle touring adventure go without a hitch.

Top 5 tips for motorcycle holiday preparation

  1. Plan your route. Allow ample time for unexpected hold ups and allow time for plenty of comfort and rest breaks.
  2. Check your bike. Make sure your servicing is up-to-date and give your bike a thorough once over. Don’t forget our essential motorcycle maintenance checklist too.
  3. Pack and load your bike. It’s best to take only the bare minimum on a motorcycle holiday. Try and distribute the weight evenly across the bike’s centre of mass. Some essentials to take with you include first aid kit, tool kit, torch and a map.
  4. Make sure all your documentation is up-to-date and take it along with you. This includes MOT, insurance, road tax and driving license. If you are travelling abroad you will also need to check you bike insurance covers you in your country of travel, as well as making sure you have with you an EHIC card, passport, travel insurance, breakdown cover and V5 registration doc. It is a legal requirement to be able to produce the original V5 registration document in a number of countries.
  5. If you are travelling abroad check the legal requirements for country of travel. Be familiar with local speed limits before you travel, too.

Finally make sure you are dressed in comfortable, weather-appropriate protective clothing and have enough fuel and currency for your journey.

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  • Info

    Or just go with Mci Tours and rely upon their routes advice and checklist. And the Hotels are booked in advance. And the routes (and GPS coordinates) are provided for you. Why give yourself grief? Because it's cheaper? Dream on…

  • Jeff Fielding

    Agree, its better to go with a touring company. Choose your destination and then check what the different companies can offer. Why ride around with an overloaded bike, if you can get the touring company to transport your luggage. Best tour I went on was with Columbus International in Cannes. Ride the latest Ducati and enjoy the South of France!

  • Certainly a hassle-free way to do things, but, as always, many people prefer to do things in a more independent way. (Iron) horses for courses :-).

  • El Cid Vacation

    it’s also nice to bike along the countryside. the view is just spectacular!

  • sunlover

    I will forward this to my dad , thank you!