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We’ve been asked to pass on some info about this year’s Get On events taking place at dealers up and down the country. This free event is aimed particularly at first time bikers, or those who are considering their first steps into the world of biking, but seasoned bikers will get something out of the day too, as there is tons of great info and offers on some top kit available from the participating dealerships. Newbies get the opportunity to have a ride for free.

The date for your diary is Saturday 19th June, and the motorcycle industry is hoping for Britain’s largest ever biking open day at showrooms across the country. The aim is to encourage bikers and non-bikers alike to find out more about riding and will offer them the chance to win a variety of amazing prizes. Any biker who brings along a non-biker friend will be entered in to a draw to win some great prizes such as on and off-road riding holidays in Italy and Spain as well as kit from top brands Arai, Weise and BKS.

For those that have never ridden before, they will have the opportunity to find out more about motorcycling and sign up to Get On’s free one hour taster session to experience riding for real. Anyone who signs up will be in with the chance to win a selection of iPads, iPod Nanos and digital cameras.

The National Dealer Open Day is being run by Get On which aims to get more people out on to the open road on two wheels. It offers free rides to anyone over the age of 16 who can register and sign up on their site 65 dealers across the UK are taking part in the day offering prizes and motorcycling information.

In today’s economic climate, and with increasing traffic congestion and environmental concern, travelling by bike and scooter makes sense for more and more people, so events like this are a great way of helping people consider whether they can swap their metal box for the freedom of two wheels. And with some extra special moped and scooter insurance rates available for new riders from Bikesure, there’s every reason to take someone along and change their outlook on life.

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    Cruising in the fast lane: the UK’s 5 fastest bikes

    Motorcycle riding is a popular past time for many people across the UK. While many riders enjoy the freedom that bikes provide, there are those who purchase motorcycles to fulfill their need for speed.

    Even though the following five motorcycles aren’t the fastest in the world, they are the fastest legal street bikes. The fastest is the Ducati Desmosedici RR, which is capable of reaching a top speed of 199 mph, and claims to be the first road legal version of the Desmosedia MotoGP racing bike. It was launched in 2006, with limited production commencing in 2007. Features include a V4 cylinder, full carbon fibre body, a six speed gearbox and magnesium alloy wheels.
    The second fastest street legal motorcycle, the MV Agusta F4 1100cc, which boasts a maximum speed of 196 mph. Production was limited to only a hundred. Over 90% of its components are individually made and includes a titanium exhaust and engine. Its brake and clutch levers fold at the tip and it is fitted with Brembo racing breaks.
    The MV Augusta F4 1000 MT Tamburini’s top speed is a slightly tamer 191 mph. During the engineering of this bike the revolutionary TSS System (Torque Shift System) was introduced. Along with four cylinders and a six speed gearbox, this system allows for a surge of power provided even at low revs.

    The fastest motorcycle from Kawasaki, the ZX12R Ninja, features an aluminium monocoque frame, fuel injection and a liquid cooling system, enabling it to reach a top speed of 189 mph.
    The fifth fastest and best overall performance bike is the Suzuki GSX 1300 R Hayabusa. It is the world’s fastest mass produced motorcycle and features a more compact cylinder head and the Suzuki dual throttle valve system. It can reach 186 mph and has three power delivery options ranging from touring to wide open high performance.

    With these bikes capable of reaching extreme top speeds, it’s important to consider the rules and regulations of the road.

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    It’s a Ferrari, with only two wheels.

    Although its styling has been described as controversial, the Ferrari V4 concept motorcycle is a stylistic and technical match to its automobile counterpart.

    The V4 motorcycle was designed by Israeli designer Amir Glinik, who has managed to replicate the lines of the classic and modern Ferrari and recreate the smooth aerodynamic look of the automobile in a motorcycle.
    However, it’s not only the outside of the V4 that the public will find familiar. The engine is a modified V4 Enzo engine which has been cut down and redesigned into a V4 cylinder configuration. The engine features Ferrari’s signature ‘drive by wire’ technology, as well as many of the other first-class features Ferrari fans would expect.

    The mono-block gearbox is operated by the F-16 fighter jet hand controls and Formula 1 race car buttons, and the brakes consist of radial mounted discs. These are electronically operated by a weatherproof touch screen display, mounted flush on top of the fuel tank, directly in front the rider.
    From this interface riders are able to manage all the bike’s systems and monitor diagnostics such as the radio, GPS, anti-theft device, RPM, speed and gear changes. The brakes are also connected to the interface, making them computer controlled and allowing for optimal breaking under all road and weather conditions.

    The adjustable suspension and clamping control provides riders with two height options and two shock clamping styles for each ground clearance setting. So far, the Ferrari V4 motorcycle has thus far received numerous negative industry responses, with one critic referring to its design as “a dismembered fish”. However, die hard Ferrari fans will appreciate its capabilities and the unique design so typical of the Italian manufacturer.

    While it is believed that it would be an interesting project, critics are unsure as to whether the V4 will remain a concept or not. What they are sure of, is that it will be the most expensive street legal bike by some distance, should it be produced.