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In the new art theme on Influx, there is a great article with a question and answer with Scott Pommier. The Canadian photographer has a great love for the art of the motorbike, after photographing his initial love, skating, he says his love for motorbikes started here,

“I remember visiting Vancouver when I lived in Toronto, and some friends I had out there had bikes. We were at the skatepark just getting ready to leave and they jumped on their bikes and I had to follow in my car. I felt like I was really missing something. That was when the seed was really planted.”


When photographing bikes Scott Pommier’s most favoured muse is the Harley Davidson, and especially the Sportster models due to the simplicity of the bike.

There are also some great bike related articles from influx daily. A similar article, Deus Ex Machina, takes a look at Deus bikes in Sydney Australia which is a workshop, design studio and café all in one. Another great article looks at what makes Ducati cool and looking at the Dunlop Brothers, Robert and Joey.

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