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Now before you, all go off on one as to why a guy who works for the dam best bike insurance company in the world has posted a section on cars … allow me to explain!

As you may well know or may not care, I have been attending numerous motorcycle shows around the UK as part of Bikesure. These have proven to be a success and the feedback has been incredibly positive.

Following on from this the lovely team in marketing then asked me if I would be willing to attend the French Car show at Rockingham. This is an annual show that Adrian Flux are proud to sponsor and as the title suggests, it’s for owners of French cars. Now you may be thinking that the show was full of “chavs”, loud music, fast driving and beer … and you would.

I was part of a team offering quotes out to the public. I did, unfortunately, find myself forgetting where I was and asking questions like “so its a quote on your Peugeot 206, do you have any motorcycle no claims bonus?” Needless to say I looked a bit of a d**k.

But enough of me talking, I know what you really want to see so I will entertain the masses.

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