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On Wednesday 16th of May I had the chance to do something I had not done since I was a kid, my wife and I were invited to go and watch the King’s Lynn Stars compete against the Edinburgh Monarchs at the Norfolk Arena.

What a night! these bikes are a 500cc engine fuelled by methanol, they go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds that’s faster than a Formula 1 Car and on the straights average around 75mph. On top of this, they go round the sweeping corners at an average speed around 60mph SIDEWAYS with NO BRAKES – WHAT A BUNCH OF NUTTERS!

They race around an oval circuit that’s around 300 metres in length for 4 laps in an anti-clockwise direction as the bikes are only able to turn left and to get around such tight corners at such high speeds they actually have to accelerate.

A standard starter bike cost around £3,000 and then the set up of the bikes is changed to suit the individual rider. Now I’ve seen larger front wheels on my wife’s mountain bike than these things have and each tyre costs £30 which needs replacing after every meeting.

Speedway fans like every other sports fan will travel the length and breadth of the country to support their teams, some of the riders are as young as 18 (oh to be that young and reckless again).

I would like to thank Keith (Buster) Chapman on behalf of myself and my wife for a fantastic nights entertainment and we would also like to wish the King’s Lynn Stars, Tomas Topinka, Shaun Tacey, Kevin Doolan, Kozza Smith, Rusty Harrison, John Oliver, Simon Lambert and Rob Lyon, every success in the British Premier League, GOOD LUCK LADS AND GO WIDE OPEN.

Stay safe.

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