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Well, the show season is fast upon us and as usual, Bikesure is gearing up to attend numerous events across the country for the following summer.

Following on from the success of previous meetings Bikesure are confirmed to be attending the following shows this year:

BMF 17th to 18th May = The largest outdoor motorcycle event in Europe (ooh impressive )

NABD “you been nabbed” 9th to 11th May = The largest outdoor gathering of men with beards (oh and there’s a show there somewhere)

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club 5th to 6th July = Need I say more?

UK quad show 27th to 28th Sep = Only quad show in the UK (and the best )

If your quite new to what we do at these shows, I feel it my responsibility to fill you in with what it means to attend:

  1. Spend the weekend giving out quotes to the public on laptops
  2. Walking around the venue trying to be glamorous handing out goodie bags
  3. Chatting with other companies and blagging as much free stuff as possible
  4. Getting as many photos’s as you can with the promo girls (just me)

As you can see, there is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into making a show successful.

To keep up to date with the shows so far and whats happening within Bikesure, keep posted to this blog!


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