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Now that’s what I’m talking about!

The first thing I think of when I hear the word “custom” is something that is unusual, a one off. Now when it comes to custom bikes they appear in all shapes and sizes. The finished article is usually a fair reflection of the person who built it.

If I was building a custom bike here’s how it would reflect me:
Lowered = Because I’m a midget and it would allow my feet to actually touch the floor at traffic lights and not just dangle.
Bigger seat = To make my arse seem smaller! … simple!
Ape hangers = I would even fit them to a bandit … just have to!

NOS = Only because we here at Bikesure will cover it for road use … that’s right!

Disco lights = Only so I could bring the party to you! ( I am aware it would make me look a t**t )

Needless to say Bikesure have insured custom bikes that have included coffins attached to them and bikes fitted with £5000 worth of disco lights.

So whatever your modifications, whatever your bike make sure you give us a ring and let us offer you quote. We offer tailor-made insurance and take an open-minded approach to ensure you get the best possible cover.

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