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Now I’ve got to admit probably like most of the bikers I know I like my food, I don’t care if it’s a decent bacon and egg roll at a rally or even that Madras curry that seems like a fantastic idea on the way back to the tent at silly o’clock in the morning.

Now I’ve known a few Australians in my time and all have been somewhat tapped BUT the most excellent party people ever but this takes the biscuit this can only be what happens if you buy an Australian biker the Hairy Bikers Cook Book,

This was spotted by the CGU Safety and Risk Services ( sounds like the same people that tell kids not to play conkers as it might have there eye’s out), Now this was taken on a long weekend to celebrate Australia Day and the food-loving Aussie was on his way to a Barbie,

barbecue on a bike

All I can say is thank god he was not on the way to a hog roast.

Remember drink driving kills,

Cooking and cruising also not so cool.

Australian Daily Telegraph piece.

Stay safe,

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