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Expo 2008January 20th – 22nd saw me, the boss; Dave (our affiliate rep) and three lovely ladies in Lycra attend the annual motorcycle expo show 2008 at the NEC. For all you unknowns the expo is the annual show only open to people in the motor trade i.e. dealers, companies and anything really to do with two wheels. The main emphasis being to showcase new products, chat to other businesses and generally nose on what everyone else is doing for 2008!

As usual bikesure where there with our ever impressive stand not to mention three glamorous ladies who actually work for us. Amongst the ladies were Chelle (bike renewals), Laura (bike renewals and miss January flux babe) and Jen (customer service manager). They provided the beauty and Rob provided well…. the other end of the spectrum!
Also a special mention to the lovely Nicola and Charlie from our marketing department whose hard work made sure the stand looked fabulous, cant beat a woman’s touch!

The main aims of bikesure’s presence at the show was to reiterate our strong position in the insurance market and also to make sure our existing customers are looked after and attempt to sign new businesses/dealerships to our affiliate scheme.
For those not in the know, bikesure affiliate scheme is where we offer
£30 direct to the company/dealership for every single customer referred to ourselves who in turn take out an insurance policy.
As technology moves worryingly fast, (sounding like my Nan and I’m only 24!) we at Bikesure are always one step ahead and can also offer a banner to be placed on dealers website allowing the same £30 for every customer that is referred to our online quotation site and sets up a policy. We also assist the client by giving them an online stats page where they can keep a tab on how many clicks they have had on their website and how much money they have accumulated from referrals. Not bad really when you consider there is no charge or contract from us to set this up, you help us and we return the favor likewise.

Along with the wit and charm of myself and the stig of the dump look-alike we had in Rob, there also were a few goodies on the stand for the punters to ogle over and take home if they asked nicely (yep, you know where this is going, more comedy gold)… oh and not to mention the complimentary sweets, pens, calendars, notepads and mugs.

The show days were long and very productive, as our stand always seemed to be busy with questions and interest from the public. The girls were non stop signing up affiliate members and answering general enquiries, mainly about marital status. I was busy making sure Rob always had a full glass of the complimentary red wine (originally for the customers) and chatting to the public. I was also busy signing up a few new members of my own, not bad when you consider 90% of the enquires we accumulated over the show period were from men, so I think I did quite well, (either that or I look as attractive as 3 woman in tight Lycra, worrying).

Needless to say we were rewarded with our hard work during the day by letting off steam in the Hilton hotel, which was the official base of the Expo show. I admit this may have gone to my head a little bit as on the first night I came down to the bar in my glad rags strutting around like I owned the place. If my mates would have seen me I’m sure that would have just thought Grant you t**t! But to be fair, when you stay in a hotel that automatically guides you to the toilet in the middle of the night like a runway (true), who cares!
Needless to say we made sure our “common” status was resumed when Laura and me decided to army crawl down the 3rd floor corridor after a night out in Birmingham, not everyone found it funny! (Sorry angry lady from second door down, he he).

But all fun aside it was an absolutely fantastic few days at the NEC and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say a big thank you to Mr. Balls for allowing us all to attend. (Right that’s the brown nosing over, I feel a pay rise in the air).

For another year we have shown the motorcycle trade that bikesure are an ever growing force in the motorcycle insurance market and not to forget specialists when it comes to areas such as Sports, Customs, Trikes, Quads, mopeds, multi bikes and Chinese imports to name a few.

If your interested in any of the above then feel free to contact us or ring us, well except for the girls where they can be found at http://www.fluxbabes.co.uk/, and yes, they really all do work for us……so have a look to see my motivation for going to work everyday!