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Hallelujah, at last someone in our draconian police force has seen the light (forgive the pun). According to a new police agreement, you will now not be prosecuted if you are wearing a dark visor. How many times have you or your mates been stopped on a bright summers day because you’ve got a dark visor on your expensive safety equipment (which you have to wear by law); while the boy racers drive by in their hot-hatch cars with exhausts that an illegal immigrant and his family could live in; with windows that are as dark as the inside of a coal miners nether regions, playing their music so loud it could be heard on the next continent.

David Griffin head of Motorcycle Safety for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) who is also Deputy Chief Constable for Humberside brought together members of the police community from around the country who had similar views have now decided that instead of being prosecuted it is up to the officer to use their common sense, so come on, if you have a dark visor on at night it’s quite right that you get pulled up.

Also, illegal number plates will be judged on an individual basis, as long as they can be read from 20.5m you will be OK (so watch what script you choose for your personal plate).

These recommendations only apply in England, for our friends north of the border these do not apply. BUT a spokesperson for the Association of Police Officers in Scotland (APOCS) said “We are allowing our officers to use their own discretion”, so next time you get stopped, be nice and they might just let you off with a cautionary piece of advice,

Thanks to the MCN for bringing this innovative decision to our attention. What will be next, perhaps polite considerate Volvo drivers, Na that would be too much!

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That’s all, for now, stay safe.

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