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There have been a plethora of new makes and models of moped and scooter in recent years, the vast majority from China. In fact the influx is so rapid that many motorcycle insurance companies are unable to keep up, as the bikes often aren’t listed in the UK lists of make and model that are usually used to calculate your insurance premium.

Bikesure doesn’t work like that. Our long experience with insuring custom bikes, trikes and rare classics means we quote for each and every bike on its own individual merits. This means we are one of the few companies able to cover every road-legal model of scooter, no matter how unusual or new to the market. So give us a try for Chinese Scooter Insurance.

Now if only someone could do something about the “Chinglish” slogans that the manufacturers write on their bikes…

Shen Yang - The New Generational Scooter Fron Earth
“Shen Yang – The New Generational Scooter Fron Earth”

“No One In the World Can Be My Best Partner Except the Dio – New Generation”

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