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The latest issue of the Insurance Times has an interesting feature on the so called Bennetts “Babes”.

Usually Bennetts employ wannabe glamour models, who may look attractive in the right light, but generally know as much about insurance as I do about morris dancing. It seems that Bennetts have realised that having someone from the insurance industry who is both attractive and well-informed on the merits of the various motorcycle insurance policies available would be a good thing.

And so, presumably having failed to find anyone suitable working for them, they’ve launched a competition to recruit babes from the UK insurance industry.

a well known bike and honda firebladeThey must be somewhat regretting having chosen alleged racist bully and Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Danielle Lloyd, to launch their campaign – especially so given her well known history with competitions (She “won” Miss Great Britain before being stripped of the title when it was found she was in a relationship with judge Teddy Sheringham). They’ve now been forced to cut their losses and dump the hapless glamour girl.

Of course, we already know that the hottest girls in insurance work for us, in the shape of the legendary Flux & Bikesure babes.

the real babes

For proof of that, you only had to be at Stoneleigh Park last week for the Motorcycle Trade Expo, where men from around the UK bike industry had the opportunity to meet Laura and Jenny, who were there on our behalf, along with Rob, Duncan and Dave McCourt, our dealers rep.

And the dealers and traders were pleasantly surprised to find that OUR babes not only looked stunning, but also genuinely worked for us, knew all about insurance and bikes and even took an interest in their well polished helmets – our helmet and leathers cover is an essential add-on for bikers who want to look after their gear.

babes who know about insurance

Check out our Flickr for more pics of some real insurance babes in action, or check out their website – fluxbabes.co.uk.