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South Gloucestershire police have been running a campaign called SMIDSY, designed to help educate drivers about bikers and remind them to watch out for and expect bikes.

Here are their top tips for safer riding and staying seen, I’ve posted their tips for car drivers on the Fluxposure blog.

  • Even if your bike is small and low powered, don’t ride too close to the kerb if you can help it.
  • Whenever possible, ride so that you can see other vehicles and they can see you – at least midway between the kerb and the central white line – REMEMBER, you may have to adjust this position for on-coming traffic or traffic emerging from a side road.
  • Never assume that another driver has seen you.
  • If in doubt, alter your position and slow down.
  • Consider using your bike’s horn to draw drivers’ attention to your presence.
  • Do not ride between lanes of traffic at high speed. Steady progress is still progress.
  • Remember, cars and vans cannot accelerate from stationary as fast as a motorcycle, so make allowances.
  • Don’t tailgate cars, sit away from them and give yourself plenty of space.
  • The road is not a race track and those few riders who treat it as such do a disservice to responsible motorcyclists.
  • Keep your speed appropriate to the road conditions.
  • Be patient, be cautious and enjoy your motorcycling.
  • Wear high visibility clothing and use your lights to improve your visibility to other road users.