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If you are looking for cheaper scooter or motorbike insurance you can trust Bikesure to find you a competitive quote that won't compromise on quality.

As a specialist motorbike broker we will compare motorcycle insurance from dozens of providers to find you the very best deal, whatever your individual needs. We treat all our customers as individuals and because we have access to more than 40 different motorbike and moped insurance schemes, you can be sure there will be one suited to you.

We pride ourselves on insuring motorbike riders from every walk of life - even when other companies struggle we can find you a policy - whether you have a grey import, trike, quad, sports bike, Chinese scooter or moped, classic bike, custom or modified bike, or even something totally off the wall. To find out just how much you could save, give us a call, or request a free callback.

Bikesure is at the forefront of the motorbike insurance industry, so when superbikes took off in a big way we were ready and waiting with special bike insurance schemes for them. The current explosion of imported Chinese mopeds and scooters has not been a problem for us either. We pride ourselves on being able to offer motorbike cover on any road legal bike, so if you have a bike that's a little unusual, we'd love you to put us to the test.

We have a wide range of motorbike insurance schemes and that means we can give you a bike insurance quote even if you don't fit the usual 'ideal' criteria for a motorbike rider.

If you need young rider insurance for your moped, or disabled rider insurance, we will aim to find you a great deal. And if you have made claims in the past, have points on your licence or even a ban, we are confident we will still be able to offer you a highly competitive bike insurance quote.

Your quote won't be inflated just because you're not the "standard" risk that some of our competitors are looking for.

Bikesure will tailor your insurance, to suit your needs

We understand that your bike is an important part of your life, and here at Bikesure we share your passion for bikes. In fact, many of our staff are genuine bike and scooter enthusiasts and owners. We think that makes all the difference when you ring us for a motorcycle insurance quote.

You can count on the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff at Bikesure to give you a motorbike insurance policy that offers you all the protection you need at a price you'll love. Our staff aren't restricted to the computer rates used by our competitors, many of our scooter and motorcycle schemes are unique to Bikesure, and your motorbike insurance quote will be as individual as you, with discounts applied - including discounts for club membership, security precautions, performance bike experience and limited mileages.

And our agreed value cover, now available on most types of bike from classic scooters and mopeds to modified streetfighters, will ensure that your bike insurance covers the full value of your motorcycle in the event of a claim.

But don't just take our word for it! To find out how much you could save on your motorbike insurance, complete the call back form (9am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 4pm Saturday) for an immediate quote. Alternatively, get an instant quote and buy motorcycle insurance online any time.

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